It's a Chatelaine!!

What's a Chatelaine?? A Chatelaine is loosely defined as a necklace or belt worn by the Chatelaine of the castle, keeper or manor which held keys to the larder, wine cellar, spice cabinet, tea drawer etc. Later a Chatelaine was used to hold a watch or purse.

Fast Forward to the 21st century..... The Chatelaine helps the quilter, knitter/crocheter or crafter organize necessary supplies and tools for easy access. Never will you misplace your scissors... it also has a specility padded area for pins and needles (they don't get lost in the chair/couch arms or cushions. 

This Chatelaine was developed by Kathy Andrews of KK Creations.

A copyrighted pattern is available from KK Creations

Made in the USA